Website of the Week – Breathing Earth

Breathing Earth is a fascinating website that illustrates CO2 emmisions, in real time, for each country of the world.  As well, birth and death rates by country and world population growth are indicated.

This is a great place to go if you are interested in environmental issues or demographics.  It is also a very unique way to look at the world, and interesting from a cartography perspective. breathingearth

Breathing Earth

App of the Week – Puppet Pals


Puppet Pals is an app that allows you to create puppet shows, complete with “talking” characters.  You can use characters and backdrops provided, or you can create your own from drawings and/or photographs.  Through your narration you characters come to life in their very own puppet show.

Puppet Pals is a good app to choose when you need to debate, represent different points-of-view, or have a conversation.

Puppet Pals  Instructions

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Website of the Week – Today’s Front Pages

Whenever I travel, I love reading the local newspaper.  You can learn so much about what is important to a place by reading their daily papers.  Today’s Front Pages is a great website which gives you access to the front page of over 800 newspapers from around the world.  If you are looking for a different perspective on a story, this is a valuable resource


Introducing App and Website of the Week

When I was growing up, my mother belonged to the Book of the Month Club. Every month a new book would arrive.  I loved the anticipation; what kind of book would it be, who chose it, would it be any good, how fast would my mother read it??  I think that is what hatched my love of books which eventually led me to the library.

Beginning this week we will feature an App of the Week and a Website of the Week post, chosen by myself, as a way to introduce students, parents and teachers to something new.  I will provide instructions and offer suggestions on how these tools may be used at school.  Over time our repertoire will grow and become a useful database of tools.

P.S. Book of the Month Club is still around!  Thank goodness.