Book Review – The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks


This book is about an girl who is an art student at the local university (Sophia). She just got out of a bad relationship and is saved by a bull riding cowboy (Luke) at a local country western bar, but the book isn’t just about them it is also about a 91 year old man who got into a bad car accident. Luke and Sophia end up hanging out and exchanging numbers. Throughout the book they start to date and fall very quickly in love. Their relationship is put to the test when he refuses to stop bull riding to earn enough money to save his family’s farm, bull riding is a sport that could kill him because of previous accidents. The elderly man (Ira) in the car accident, swerved off the road and fell off the side of the mountain into a tree. He is stuck in his seated position and looses consciousness. When awakens he is visited by an image of his wife (Ruth), and her “ghost” pushes him to stay alive by going through the story of their very long beautiful marriage. Ira and Ruth were also art collectors and had millions of dollars worth of art pieces. The cowboy eventually quit bull riding because he knew how much it would kill his mom and girlfriend if they lost him. Luke took Sophia up to his cabin to spend a weekend together, on the way home coming down the mountain Luke spotted Ira’s car on the side of the mountain and they called an ambulance for help. In the hospital Ira asked Sophia to read a letter his dear wife Ruth wrote him.  Ira died later in the hospital but before he did, he decided to put his art collection up for auction. Sophia’s art professor managed to get her a few tickets not knowing it was Ira’s art until Luke and her read about it in the paper. The first piece put up was a beautiful painting of his wife Ruth, no one was bidding on it so Luke did. After he won the bid a man came up to the podium and said that the auction was over. Luke and Sophia were then taken upstairs and were told that because Luke bought the first piece that he ended up buying all of it. It was Ira’s wish. The farm would be saved by selling some of the collection. Luke and Sophia could be happy and not have to worry about keeping the farm afloat. 


I really did enjoy the story, if you are a hopeless romantic this book is for you. It takes you on this roller coaster ride of emotions, these characters were really well created. You want to cry with them and laugh with them, their pain and happiness is yours. Nicholas Sparks does a fantastic job of showing that relationships aren’t easy and when the going gets tough you can’t just leave. He shows that love is the most powerful thing in the world. I recommend this book to every hopeless romantic who need a good read. 5/5 stars 🙂

Reviewer: Aleigha

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