Stay Safe Spartans

Welcome back Spartans. I hope that you all were able to spend time with your families over the break and are staying home and safe. As we start this new adventure into online learning there is a couple of things that you need to know:

First— DO NOT WORRY! This is new for everyone and everything will be worked out in time. At some point this week you will be hearing from your teachers.

Second— Make sure you are able to get onto your Office 365 account and are familiar with Teams. If you type into your browser it will take you directly to the Office 365 page.

If you do not know your Surrey Schools login (this is the same one that you use to get onto the computers at school) then you will have to contact one of your teachers (emails are on the school website). They will be able to change it for you.

Third— if you are wanting to read, and I sure hope that you are, the library is here for you! There are plenty of ebooks that can be accessed through the catalog. There is a tab at the top of this page with all of the instructions. It is also on the Instagram account. @barnes.and.books Make sure you are following for school updates and announcements.

It is also possible to sign up for a Surrey Public Library card online, if you don’t already have one. They have a large collection of ebooks, audiobooks, and magazines.

Lastly— Please reach out if you need ANYTHING! You are not alone in this.

Stay inside and stay safe Spartans! 💛