Aboriginal Education

Aboriginal Education Department Guide

Library Resources 

  • 323.1 Civil and political rights of non-dominant groups
  • 970.004 North American Native Peoples
  • 970.1 North American Native People
  • 970.3 Specific Native People
  • 970.4 Native Peoples in specific places in North America
  • 970.5 Government relations with North American native peoples

See also Aboriginal Resources under the Resource Lists tab of the library catalog.

See also Aboriginal Resources under the Resource Lists tab of the library catalog.


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*Some useful links to information on Canada’s Aboriginal People:

The Canadian Encyclopedia – Aboriginal People


First Nations People of British Columbia http://www.bced.gov.bc.ca/abed/map.htm

A History of Residential Schools in Canada


Gateway to Aboriginal Heritage


First Peoples of Canada


Abbotsford School District Resources


Surrey School District Aboriginal Resources Centre