Book Club!

Welcome to the North Surrey Teens Read Book Club! We can do better with the name, to be discussed at a meeting. I said this last year though and we didn’t change it… so I guess this is our official name.

I am so excited for another year of Book Club and hearing your thoughts on ALL of the books, STR or otherwise. As always everyone is welcome! This should be fun, so no pressure to read ALL of the books or to attend every single meeting, this is a loose schedule and we will adjust as needed.

I am hoping to have the club be more student lead this year. If you have ideas or would be interested in being a team leader, perhaps running a meeting or discussion please let me know!

Stay tuned for updates on our TEAMS PAGE. For now start reading our first book (you can put it on hold and it is available as an e-book) and spread the word awesome nerds!