Maja Paderewska Memorial Poverty Project

Just prior to her passing, Maja Paderewska, Anna-Lisa Granbois and Martha Cameron created a multidisciplinary project on poverty.  As a memorial to Maja, Anna-Lisa and Martha have readied the project for publication and we would like to share it with you today.  It is an inquiry project combining the disciplines of Economics and Social Justice, with a strong emphasis on research methodology, critical thinking and academic integrity.  We hope you will agree that this is a fitting tribute to our colleague and friend.

Maja Paderewska Memorial Poverty Project

Website of the Week – Today’s Front Pages

Whenever I travel, I love reading the local newspaper.  You can learn so much about what is important to a place by reading their daily papers.  Today’s Front Pages is a great website which gives you access to the front page of over 800 newspapers from around the world.  If you are looking for a different perspective on a story, this is a valuable resource


If you build it they will come…if you ask them what they’d like!

Our library space changed dramatically over the summer, and it occurred to me that I had never really given our staff, as a whole, my version of what the heck happened!  At a recent staff meeting I had an opportunity to present my vision of what the North Surrey Library was becoming. It afforded me a great opportunity to reflect and articulate where I believe the library is heading.

I have been a librarian for a long time, longer that I will admit here. I love libraries. I love everything they stand for, their long and noble history, and their prospects for the future.  Recent profound changes both in information technology and education means that the library is transforming itself, once again, and through the Learning Commons we are poised to continue to serve our students and remain as important players in the information management world.

The library was characterized by a highly managed and organized collection, explicit control of circulation and acquisitions, required specific, and often excluding, behaviors and was a place where knowledge was consumed. In contrast, the learning commons is concerned more with the connections that are made within our space, has less traditional control over the information and the infomation seeker, allows more diverse behaviors and encourages the creation of knowledge.

Importantly, I counseled our staff not to panic, because in my eyes what the learning commons stands for is really no different, or less noble, than the library. Call it what you want, but providing individuals with an opportunity to better themselves, providing groups with opportunities to create better communities, providing free access to information for all users and maintaining our place as a vital part of formal and informal education are lofty goals to which we have long aspired. These have not changed.

So the learning commons is ours to create, and I was keen to learn what our staff would like the space to become. Here are some of the fabulous ideas from the North Surrey staff:
More of a Starbucks atmosphere
A source for technology and support
A venue for team teaching
A location for sharing
A creative environment for exploration and risk taking
A showcase for the display of student work
A place for structured tutoring for students
Human library – “borrow” and expert
A place to link curriculum to real life

I have my work cut out for me, but by working together and constantly and creatively pushing the boundaries of our beautiful space, figuratively and literally, we will create a wonderful Library and Learning Commons for North Surrey Secondary.

What Can I Do With A Degree In…

North Surrey Library Science students have put together this great list from Canadian universities on what you can do with a degree in…

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