You Are The Library

Libraries have long been places where individuals …

  • better themselves through reading, learning, collaborating and creating
  • access resources and opportunities to create better communities
  • gain access to information and other resources
  • significantly supplement their formal, and informal, education

You Are The Library is your portal to all that is available, resources and skill-building opportunities, enabling you to take full advantage of what life may bring!

Digital Citizenship

  •  internet safety
  • cyber bullying
  • digital responsibility
  • media and digital literacy

Using a Library

  • Reading and Literature
  • Using the Library Catalogue
  • Databases and other digital resources

Research Methodology

  • Taking Notes
  • Evaluating Webpages
  • Creating a Bibliography
  • In Text Citations
  • Organizing Information
  • Writing an Essay
  • The Research Process

Inquiry Learning

Critical Thinking

  • Determining the Relevance of a Source
  • Relevant Details
  • Point Of View
  • Detecting Propaganda
  • Unpacking the Issue
  • Considering the Significance of Events and Issues
  • Evaluating and Using Quotations
  • Assessing the Evidence
  • Analyze Similarities and Differences
  • Inquiry Minded

21st Century Literacies

  • Information Literacy
  • Problem Solving
  • Media Literacy
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity

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