Library Orientation

Welcome to the North Surrey Secondary Library!

This tutorial is designed to give you information about our library operations and resources.  The QR Codes below will lead you on a ‘Scavenger Hunt’ to reveal everything you need to know to take full advantage of all that the library has to offer.

As you progress through the ‘hunt’, complete this Scavenger Hunt Q & A form and collect your prize when you are done!

  1. Hours and Expectations
  2. Using the Library Computers & Printing
  3. Using the Library Catalog
  4. Finding Fiction Books
  5. Finding Non-Fiction Books
  6. Online Databases
  7. Library Website
  8. Webpath Express
  10. Libraries are not always serious places…

Library Scavenger Hunt QR Codes


Genre Dating Game


  1. Draw a Genre Card (Mystery, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Historical Fiction, Romance or War).genre-dating-game
  2. Go the the library shelves and find a book with the Genre you drew.
  3. Take a seat and spend 5 minutes with that book. You may discover something fantastic!

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