Research Toolkit

Excellent Comprehensive Research Methods guide from Baltimore County Public Schools

Information Fluency – The Research Process

Big 6 Research Organizer – Research Process

How to Research Tutorial from Claremont Colleges Library

Evaluating Webpages

CRAAP Checklist (webpage evaluation)

World Book Online and Webpath Express

Project Planning Guide

Project Planning Guide 2

Research Process Flowchart

Research Strategies and Tips from Claremont Colleges Library

Identify Your Topic

Develop Search Statements

Find Relevant Information

Evaluate Your Sources

Use Information Ethically

Learn how to Take Good Notes from a lecture

Taking Notes From a Reference Source

Create a well organized essay with  Essay Help

Citing Sources Quick Guide

Easybib Citation Guide – Books

Easybib Citation Guide – Journal Article

Easybib Citation Guide – Website

Cite your sources electronically using

Learn how to use In-Text Citations

Easybib In-Text Citations Guide

Know about Plagiarism from UBC

Plagiarism Tutorial from Vaughan Memorial Library



Bibliography or Works Cited lists

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