Social Studies

Social Studies Department Guide

Library Resources

Library books and videos pertaining to Social Studies courses are located as follows:

  • 230-290 World Religions
  • 2 Political Institutions
  • 551 Geology, Hydrology, Meteorology
  • 554-559 Earth Science by specific Continents
  • 910 Geography and Travel
  • 911 Historical Geography
  • 912 Atlases and Maps
  • 917 Geography of North America
  • 930 History of the Ancient World
  • 940 History of Europe
  • 950 History of Asia
  • 960 History of Africa
  • 970 History of North America
  • 980 history of South America
  • 990 History of other parts of the world


The following services are provided by the library:

  • Open 8:00am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday
  • 15 computers available for students
  • Photocopying
  • Printing (max 5 pages per day free)
  • Scanning
  • iPads
  • Digital Cameras
  • Project Supply Centre
  • Information and tutorial resources available on our website include: Study Smart, Taking Notes, Organization & Time Management, Critical Thinking, Writing, Science and Math help, Group Work, Presentations, How to Research, Citing Sources, In-Text Citations and more.
  • Also through the library website under You Are the Library, you will find information and tutorials on Critical Thinking, Digital Citizenship, Inquiry Learning, Using the Library, Research Methodology and 21st Century Literacies.


How to start your research assignment, go to >Research Toolkit  >Research Process

Online databases available through the library:

  • Canadian Student Research Centre
  • Canadian Points of View
  • WorldBook Student
  • WorldBook Advanced
  • Academic Search Primer
  • Canadian Reference Centre

*You can search by subject, or search within specific journals.

For more information on using online databases, go to >You Are The Library >Online Databases

*Suggested Websites:

*Access quality websites through the Library Catalog using Webpath Express. Go to >Research Toolkit >Worldbook Online & Webpath Express

*The Canadian Encyclopedia

*BBC History

*World Factbook

*For instruction of Taking Notes, go to   >Research Toolkit >Take Good Notes or >Taking Notes from a Reference Source

*“How to Write a History Paper”, go to >Department Guides >Social Studies

*Citing Sources:


The following is a selection of Library and Social Studies collaborative projects:

Historical Fiction

Historical Photographs

Mythology Parody

Online Databases

Writing a History Paper

WW II Infographic

Maja Paderewska Memorial Poverty Project

Social Justice 12 Wage Gap

Writing Standards for Social Studies Papers

Just Google It

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