Book Reviews for Volunteer Hours!

Do you love to read and want to earn volunteer hours? Submit reviews to be posted on the website and Library Instagram for hours.

How It Works:

  • check out a book from the library (e-book or audiobook is also fine). It can be a book from home a different library as long as we also have the title in our collection
  • Fill out this FORM for your review
  • Reviews should be short 250-300 words and error free so that they can be posted without further edits. Your review can be posted anonymously upon request.
  • Reviews must be 100% YOUR OWN WORDS. Copy and pasted reviews will not be accepted and future reviews will not be considered.
  • Each 100 pages equals 1 hour of volunteer time. If a book is within 20 pages of the next hour it will be rounded up. (ex: a book with 293 pages will count as 3 hours)
  • Writing your review counts as an additional hour
  • After your review has been accepted and published you will receive a message on Teams letting you know that you can bring in your hours log to be signed by Ms. Barnes