Book Review – Red Glove by Holly Black

Red glove is the second book in the fantasy series by Holly Black called Curse Workers, and was published in 2011. In Red Glove we follow the life of Cassel Sharpe who is a transformation worker which means he can transform anything he wants into something different, including people. Cassel is from a family of workers who con people, and who have strong ties with one of the biggest crime families, the Zacharovs. Part of this family is a girl he loves, Lila, who was cursed to love him and so acting on his feelings leaves him feeling as if he’s taking advantage of her. Cassel’s life is very dangerous and it’s difficult for him to know who exactly he can trust. When Cassel is asked by the feds to work with them, he’s forced to look into his dark recent past that he can only remember in fragments. If he tells too much to the feds, he could single-handedly ruin his family’s life and his future. During this time, Lila’s very threatening father wants Cassel to work for him in his murder business. Throughout the story, Cassel definitely grows as a person as he is burdened by everything terrible in his life. All the characters in Red Glove are very unique from each other and have their own personality and ways of dealing with various things. The overriding theme in Red Glove would have to be family tragedies, death, and pain of all forms. I would recommend Red Glove for people who like light, suspenseful books filled with crime. I give this book 4/5 stars.

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